Team leader


Dr. Arjun Jain, PhD (Cantab)

Dr Arjun Jain is the Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer,  ET-traps Limited, UK. He has a PhD in Reproductive Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and has completed a Marie Curie

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the TransCure research Institute in Bern, Switzerland. Based on his research, he has designed the therapeutic tool that this project is based on. Based on his previous research, he has also designed experiments for the construction and testing of the ET-traps.  He has done some ground breaking research in the field of endothelin-1 and is the first in the world to have created a soluble form of a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) in terms of its ligand binding ability. In this case, for endothelin-1, which has been termed ET-traps. For this, he has filed a patent. 

Other Key Team Members


Ira Jha

Ashok Jain

Vidhi Mehrotra